Homemade 3 Air condition in poland
June 13, 2007, 4:09 pm
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Here are details and images of the show. in polish and English


Galeria Wschodnia, Patio Centrum Sztuki WSHE oraz Kino Kameralne £DK zapraszaj± na nastÍpuj±ce wydarzenia w ramach SpotkaÒ z Kultur± Øydowsk± w £odzi w dniach 15 – 30 czerwca 2007
Liliana Kadishevski – wyk≥ad
pi±tek: 15 czerwca, godzina 16.00
Wyøsza Szko≥a Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w £odzi:
ul. Rewolucji 1905 roku nr 64 – budynek D; sala audio-wizualna (D214).
otwarcie video instalacji “Waiting for an Echo” – Liliany Kadischevskiej ( Izrael ) i Marca Daniela Cohena ( USA )
Galeria Wschodnia, ul. Wschodnia 29/3, tel; (48)(42) 6348626
niedziela, 17 czerwca o godz. 20.00
wystawa czynna do 30 czerwca 2007
w godzinach 17-20 lub na telefon

HOMEMADE 3 – pokaz izraelskiego video art pod redakcj± Liliany Kadischevskiej
Kino Kameralne £DK, £Ûdº, ul. R. Traugutta 18


Total duration: 56:12 min

Merav Ezer & Adi Shniderman
Air condition / 5:40 / 2005
“Air condition” explores the human shape and behavior. Subjecting anonymous faces to a strong, yet invisible, wind blow, the piece exposes an inner mood, which is reflected on the soothing dance of the features.

Yaacov Chefetz
The blind butterfly hunter / 6:00 (part of an 11 min work) / 2005
This poignant and intricate self portrait is based on an imaginary situation told by the 19 th century painter Carl Spilzweg, who describes a butterfly hunter as he stands so detached from reality that he is not able to see a huge butterfly in front of him. This background is used as metaphoric reference to describe the personal artist’s relation with reality.

Alma Shneor
Home fight / 2:02 / 2006
A woman is dancing/ struggling with a broom in her living room, as she progressively starts to fly, overcoming the laws of gravitation. An allegoric reference to becoming liberated from all the stereotypes related to the woman’s condition in a society of pre-conventions.

Yfat Betzalel
Richard and I / 1:56 / 2002
“Richard and I” takes us to the boundaries between reality and dream. A virtual hero fills a woman’s life with glamour and pleasure and at the same time leaves her with a painful void.

Ariel Mioduser
Love (hate) / 3:15 / 2005
Mioduser uses animation to show us a disturbing reality in which manipulation, fear and hate escalate to an almost unreachable sphere.

Sagi Groner
Top Light and the haunted man / 11:42 / 2004
In this suggestive collage, Groner uses archive footage from pre and post WW-2 along with satellite photos, images from security cameras and web cams, to reveal the story of “the haunted man”. The two main characters question together with the viewer about being awake and aware, as they drift in and out of hypnosis in their search for the “top light”.

Ricardo Rojstaczer
Southward bound / 3:00 (part of a video installation) / 2005
A landscape is used as visual trigger for this piece, which deals with memory and double identity. By filming a voyage and its doubling, Rojstaczer creates a reality and, at the same time, diminishes it, resembling the playful and almost magical process of recalling and forgetting.

Doron Furman
Wild Strawberry / 3:25 (part of a 10:00 min work) / 2007
Furman’s work has strong symbolical values that are based on “The beauty and the beast”, one of “Man and his symbols” book chapters by Carl G. Yung, which relates to the emotional bonding between daughter and father, where cruelty and kindness are combined. The clip shows a woman leaking her wounds, while Himmler’s public speech resounds as soundtrack.

Effie & Amir
Check it / 3:20 / 2001
‘Check it” exposes the viewer to one of the tedious, yet necessary daily routines that face Israeli society, as their bags and purses are inspected by security guards at the entrance of public places. Effie & and Amir placed their video camera inside their bags, taking footage of tens of short scenes and editing them in what resulted in a rap styled enchanting clip.

Ariel Reichman
Fly little pigeon / 6:55 / 2006
Ariel Reichman tries to understand why Israel has arrived to such a complex situation just 2 weeks before the second Israeli-Lebanon war erupted. A pigeon found dead on his balcony served as his emotional drive to make this strait forward video performance. “.I am painting the street pigeon in white (and myself too), and begging it to fly out and spread the word of peace, as shown always in our minds through the symbols of the media.”

Hadas Kedar
Orange Billed – Parrotfinch / 2:34 / 2006
A woman soldier is transformed into a bird and then disappears into its natural environment. The work deals with the validity of the uniform in our lives, questioning individuality and luck of individuality, differentiation, order, etc. She replays: “As a soldier in the Israeli Army, I was interested in how different people put to use their uniform in creative ways. Despite of the homogeneous rules, soldiers, many times, as a solution to individual needs, add to or alter their uniform in order to cater to their special needs”.

Liliana Kadichevski
Por quien doblan las campanas? (For whom the bells toll?) / 2:34 / 2004
The work uses the image of an apple as allegorical mediator to comprehend the linkage between the provider of knowledge and its recipient, as it tries to get hold of the content, intentions and value of the given information, focusing on the role of the individual as such. The work does not imply a statement, but rather locate the viewer in the twilight zone of reflective contemplation.

Lee Yanor
Paper flowers / 3:07 (clip from her film Coffee with Pina) / 2007
Lee Yanor filmed Pina Bausch, the notorious German dancer and choreographer and her dance company. This charming and meaningful clip captures some precious instants from the film, showing the burning of a few fake flowers by a female dancer, while a moving local landscape serves as background.

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