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This blog is an ongoing portfolio/presentation of the project titled Air condition and its two sequels. It will include information about dates and places as well as thoughts, discussion and additional material about the project .

Air condition started as a short experimental video originally 5:41 that grew out of its original proportions and now will include two sequels to form a trilogy that exposes the audience in various presentation ways to micro narratives about the human form. The trilogy will explore different physical areas of the body , and will attempt to treat inner moods and movements as “parts” of the body. The inner quality will become part in this orchestra of inner and outer physicality. As part of the work we subjected the participants to external forces that are unknown, these forces are actions that moves our study further.

Another interesting part of the work, we think, is the once again proof of the changeability of video. The work has been exhibited in many different kinds of venues as part of curatorial concepts and decisions, and has proven remarkably adaptable to the changing landscape of the concepts that where laid upon it by the venue, the curator or producer. This resulted in an “out of context” meaning , a “new” meaning or additional meaning. Our last presentation was in england for trampoline. Trampoline took over 3 large electronic billboards and used them as a space for “artistic” presentation for the public. On other occasions the work was part of a video compilation shown in film theaters, or in small LCD screen in gallery shows. Finally the video could also be seen on line, as part of a large pool of works in places like you tube, in personal journals and Internet exhibitions each adding another layer of meaning through the medium it utilized.

Part one is showing around 15 faces of man and woman, they are all people we know, there was no category for selection except the will to participate. An Air compressor is used to blow high compressed air onto the skin resulting in the skin moving. The sounds of electronic, traditional and industrial instruments and machines accompany the contorted faces.

We will add info on part 2 and 3 as they are being produced.

Best wishes to all


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